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Training is an investment for human resource and is an important input for improving the human potential and increasing performance and efficiency of the trainees. Its importance is increasingly being recognised as one of the main instruments to enhance the knowledge base, upgrade skills and bring about an attitudinal change in human resource.

To meet these objectives, SIPARD has been created as the apex training institution in Tripura in the area of public administration and rural development. SIPARD organises training for the following category of people.

  • Government officials

  • Non-government organisations

  • Representatives of PRI

The training programmes are designed to meet the requirements of different departments. However, the main emphasis is given on subjects related to rural development, tribal welfare, public administration and management, computer education etc. The training programmes conducted by SIPARD is generally sponsored by DOPT, Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, National Disaster Management Authority, NIDM, Tribal welfare department, Government of Tripura, General Administration Department, Government of Tripura and other State government departments.

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Computer Education

With the growth of Information Technology, the governmental organisations have to change and adjust themselves to meet the changing needs of the time. The benefits of IT can be availed by the government and the people only if computer literacy in government is given adequate importance. Realizing this need, SIPARD has undertaken a large number of computer education courses for government employees to make them computer literate as well as to equip them with adequate knowledge of the latest computer technology available. In order to train a large number of employees, apart from in-house faculties, SIPARD has made an arrangement to utilize the services of guest faculties from other reputed institutes. Following courses are being floated for computer training.

Information Technology for Office Management (Level I & Level II)
Desktop Publishing through PageMaker and Photoshop
Web page designing through front page
Local area networking concepts with WIN-NT
DBMS concepts with MS-Acces
Information Technology for Rural Development
Accounting Procedure through Tally
Computer Aided Design2

For organizing the computer training the Institute has two computer laboratories having one dual processor (PIII, 650 MHZ) server with 20 nodes respectively (20 nos. of P IV node in Lab I and 20 nos. of Celeron computers in Lab II) which are networked together. The Institute has Internet connectivity through 2.0 MBPS Broad Band Connection and one another connection through RF Link. Top of Page

Research & Evaluation

The Institute has five posts of faculty members with specialization in different areas i.e. Public Administration, Gender Issues, Rural Development, Social Development and Computer Application. They undertake research and evaluation work in their respective area of specialization. They also undertake compilation of various laws, govt. circulars/instructions/guidelines etc. which are useful to the government functionaries and people of the state. The works in progress in the Institute are:

Compendium on success story of Tripura
Compendium on tribal literature
Compendium on customized softwares developed by various departments in Tripura
Evaluation study of financial allocations and achievement under Tribal Sub-Plan area for upliftment of schedule tribes of Tripura
Evaluation study of financial allocation and achievement under Special Component Plan (SCP) for upliftment of schedule castes population
Evaluation study of effective utilization of Panchayat Development fund
Cast study of Jhumia Rehabilitation Scheme implemented in Tripura
Role of women in Local Self Government - A case study
Role of women in NREGA
RTI Guide for citizens of the state.

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Institute is publishing its newsletter titled “SIPARD UPDATE” quarterly. SIPARD is also compiling successful initiatives taken by individuals, NGOs, representatives of PRIs, government officials in bringing out innovative changes. One such compendium has already been published under the title successful initiatives. In addition, SIPARD is in the process of publication of a large number of research study and books on various relevant subjects. Following publications are likely to come out in near future.

  • A book on Joint Forest Management

  • Survey report on socio-economic status of tea garden labourers in Tripura

  • Powers and responsibilities of Executive Magistrates in Tripura in various Central as well as State Acts.

  • Compilation of important provisions of law for the benefit of Police Investigating officers as well as Prosecuting officers (Published)

  • Compilation of all schemes related to rural development in Bangla language to be used by PRI functionaries.

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The Institute has a lean and thin administrative structure, which adds to its efficient functioning. The Institute functions under the overall control and superintendence of a governing body chaired by Chief Secretary, Tripura. Director, SIPARD assisted by Officer on Special Duty, faculty members and other supporting staff run the administration of the institute. The Institute prepares its own plan and budget annually. Top of Page